Adeline Croÿ

Adeline Croÿ is graduated from an engineering school in food and health in France. She is in charge of communication at Elanco France after a 2 year apprenticeship.

Amy Rose

Amy completed a Master’s in Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Following a number of roles at Eli Lilly and Company and Elanco Animal Health both in the U.S. and in Europe, her most recent role was in Human Resources.

Anna-Leigh Heffron

Anna-Leigh Heffron works as Clinical Research Consultant at Elanco. She is very involved in helping to break the cycle of hunger in her community in the UK. As cause ambassador she liaises between Fareshare and Elanco.

Anouk Otjens

Anouk is Customer Relations Business consultant at Elanco and is driven by the connection between humans and pets.

Balz Hersberger

Balz is sales force effectiveness leader for the region, and is based at Elanco’s regional headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. He is passionate about access to safe, nutritious food and sits on Elanco’s global internal board for the food security cause.

Cathryn Simpson

Cathryn is Corporate Partnerships Manager at Dogs for Good, based in the U.K.

Charlotte Leeman

Charlotte is a recent law graduate from the University of Ghent, Belgium. With an interest in corporate communications and animal health, she conducted a few months internship working with Elanco’s regional communications, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Christine Agnes

Christine completed a business degree and worked in the consumer goods sector before moving into animal health. Based in France, Christine is responsible for relations between Elanco and the food industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Christy Goldhawk

Christy studied completed an undergraduate degree in Canada, before completing a master’s in dairy cattle behaviour, as well as a PhD in beef cattle health and welfare.

Claire Shaw

Claire Shaw works as territory manager companion animals in the UK. She has a great passion for pets and horse riding.

Clare Carlisle

Clare is PR Manager for AnimalhealthEurope. Based in Brussels, she is passionate about promoting the benefits of animal health and an aficionado of Europe’s agri-food sector.

Claudia Garcia

Dr. Claudia Garcia is leading the Food Animal Global Marketing Organization within Elanco. Originally from Mexico, she is now residing in the U.S.

Daniela Cavalleri

Daniela Cavalleri is a trained vet with a PhD from the University of Milan. She is a clinical development manager for parasiticides in research and development, based in Basel.

Eddie Stephens

Eddie Stephens has spent his working life in research. Based in the US, he’s been involved on a business and scientific level in multiple businesses and is passionate about the possibilities of research.

Elizabeth (Ellie) Harris

Elizabeth (Ellie) Harris is a high school co-op, gaining work experience at Elanco’s corporate affairs team at the global head quarters in Greenfield, U.S.

Emily Getty

Emily, a farmer’s daughter and Agriculture Advocate, works as global corporate social responsibility manager and is passionate about this topic. Emily is based in the U.S.

Florian Schalke

Florian studied politics and sociology and worked as a Public Affairs consultant for nine years, during which he advised clients from plant biotechnology, conventional and organic agriculture as well as environmental NGOs. He is now Senior Market Access Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

Franck Haond

Franck Haond , a trained veterinarian, leads Elanco Animal Health in France.

Frèdy Perez

Frèdy Perez is an Associate Director at PracticeVets, and has worked as a consultant, coach and trainer in veterinary practices for 25 years. He is the author of Veterinary Management, a Matter of Behavior.

Gaynor Hillier

Gaynor Hillier is Elanco’s affiliate lead for the UK and Ireland and has a wealth of experience in the animal health environment – both in the UK and the US. In 2017, Gaynor was elected as Chair of NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) for 2017/2018.

George Tice

George trained as a veterinarian and worked in South Africa before returning to his native UK to join Elanco. He is now Senior Director for Market Access in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Gosse Smid

Gosse is Key Account Manager for poultry for the Benelux countries. Based in the Netherlands, Gosse was born and raised on a dairy farm in the north of the country.

James White

James White is Dairy Collaboration Manager for Elanco and he is based out of the U.K.

Jan Arie Koorevaar

Jan Arie comes from a farming family in the Netherlands and divides his time between dairy farming and a career as marketeer.

Jeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons is president of Elanco Animal Health In more than two decades with the company, Jeff has held a number of sales, marketing and management positions, in the United States and abroad, including serving as country director in Brazil and area director for West Europe based in the U.K.

Juan Pascual

Juan Pascual is a trained veterinarian with a passion for animal health science. As Spanish national, he is currently residing in the U.S.

Jude L. Capper

Dr. Judith (Jude) Capper is an independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant based in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about sustainability issues and the role of animal agriculture in helping to feed a hungry world using fewer resources.

Julia Loew

Julia has years of experience in (leadership positions) in the animal health industry, both in her home country US and in Europe. Next to her regular job at Elanco, Julia also chairs the non-profit organization WILMAH (Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health) to promote and support the growth and development of female leadership.

Karin Gerbens

Karin is Elanco's regional corporate communications manager EMEA and based in Antwerp, Belgium. As owner of two cats, she is fascinated by the bond between pets and humans.

Katherine Kendrick

Katherine Kendrick is a member of the Elanco Business Development team based in the US and leads the corporate Alliance Management service, creating and developing commercial partnerships.

Since joining Elanco four years ago, Katherine has discovered a new passion and is training as a veterinary nurse at Purdue University, Indiana.

Katie Schoenberg

Katie Schoenberg is Senior Product Development research scientist at Elanco. Based in the US, she’s one of the driving forces behind Elanco’s global diversity and inclusion efforts, chairing Elanco’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. She’s passionate about breaking down barriers and biases as well as about many of Elanco's causes.

Katy Marris

Katy Marris was a head veterinary nurse before joining the sales team at Elanco. Based in the UK, she is now on a secondment as a business development manager.

Kinga Zięba

Kinga Zięba has a background in nutrition and is coordinator of Food Collection and Public Relations officer at SOS Food bank Warsaw.

Klaudia Felber

Klaudia is Key Account Manager for Elanco's Poultry business in Austria and Switzerland. Klaudia grew up on a farm, fuelling her passion for agriculture and animals.

Larbi van Lier

Larbi is regional lead for the Asia Pacific region for Elanco. He has worked across Europe and the US in various regional and global roles.

Laura Steinmetz

Laura is part of Elanco Europe’s internship programme. A graduate of the University of Strasbourg, Laura is based in the Paris office and works across multiple teams in marketing and communications.


Lina Policarpio is Head of Elanco’s Technical Services ASEAN and based out of the Philippines.

Luca Frazzoli

Luca Frazzoli is Parasiticides Global Marketing Manager, based in Italy. He is passionate about pets’ health and improving compliance amongst owners.

Marc Henninger

Marc is trained veterinarian and works as Market Access manager Elanco for France and North West Africa. He is based out of France.

Maria Chavez

Maria has a research background in environmental sustainability, and offers scientific advice to Elanco's EU market access on this subject. She is based in Germany.

Maria Zampaglione

Maria first developed her passion for animal health at the European Commission. Based in Paris, she is now the global One Health advisor for Elanco.

Martin Murphy

Martin is director of global operations for the EU, and is based in Basel, Switzerland. A former vet and academic, Martin’s background is rooted in research and development.

Nathalie Miara

Nathalie is the region's companion animal strategic leader. Based in France, she is fascinated by the bond between people and their pets.

Nedim Uzey

Nedim is a trained veterinarian at the university of Ankara, Turkey. He now works as market access manager for Elanco.

Nicole Hernandez Semoroz

As an experienced Human Resources manager, Nicole has worked across several geographies. Currently based out of Switzerland, she heads up the Elanco EMEA HR team.

Nicole Piontkowski

Nicole is a trained veterinarian and PhD and worked for several years in the small animal practice and the veterinary industry before joining Elanco. Based in Germany, she is a regulatory affairs manager specialised in vaccines.

Olivier Espeisse

Olivier, a trained veterinarian, works as Public Affairs Director in the animal health industry. He is based in France.

Pablo Muniesa

Pablo - a trained vet and MBA - is director of Elanco Knowledge Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Based in Spain, Pablo's passions are for developing his team and working with customers out in the field.

Paul Overgaauw

Dr. Paul Overgaauw is a veterinary parasitologist and recognized specialist Veterinary Microbiology. He is affiliated with the Division Veterinary Public Health, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University (the Netherlands), where he teaches and conducts research in the field of zoonosis (infections that are transmitted from animal to human). Dr. Overgaauw is member of the European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP).

Paul Tonita

Paul Tonita works as Senior Scientist for Elanco. He is based out of Canada.

Peter Gorbing

Peter Gorbing is the chief executive of UK assistance dogs charity Dogs for Good, and has worked for the organisation for 20 years. He is also founder director of Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII), the international umbrella organisation for assistance animal practitioners.

Peter Ramsey

Peter Ramsey has worked as a Sales Rep and currently as an Account Manager for Elanco for 38 years, serving various parts of northeastern Australia. He created Elanco’s “Do Without A Dinner” initiative to support Heifer International, raising over $80,000 to date.

Phil Moore

Phil has worked across a number of animal health disciplines during his 14 years in the sector. He leads the companion animal sales organization in his native United Kingdom.

Piotr Bonislawski

Piotr is head of market access for central eastern Europe and leads Elanco's Campaign for Innovation in Europe from Warsaw, Poland.

Ralph Heuser

Dr. Ralph Heuser is the vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Elanco Animal Health. Ralph acquired a wealth of animal health industry experience in several roles and geographies. Most recently in the Asia Pacific region, he is now based out of Basel, Switzerland.

Ramiro Cabral

Ramiro is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. He joined Elanco after working for years at his family's farm and as a consultant in the veterinary industry. After several regional and global roles in Europe and the US, Ramiro is now based at the global headquarters in Greenfield, US.

Richard ten Cate

Richard ten Cate grew up on a pig farm in The Netherlands. He studied economics at the University of Groningen before starting work as a business consultant in the food, feed and pharma industry. Richard founded his livestock consulting business FarmResult in 2011.

Vivian Ho

Vivian is Portfolio Strategy Manager and is based at Elanco’s EMEA regional office in Basel. She has a legal and business background and is passionate about team performance, people engagement and animal welfare.