A chance to grow
Engineering graduate Adeline Croÿ saw an opportunity in the animal health sector and hasn’t looked back.

Freshly graduated from LaSalle Beauvais, an engineering school, I started an internship at Elanco that has translated into a rewarding career in animal health.

It was of course a little daunting at first; I had to set up internal communication plans and develop tools for employees, which was all very new to me.

But - supported by the team around me - I learned a lot and I learned fast! Just two weeks in, I helped preparing an event for all our employees in France. It was a very rewarding experience, which taught me a lot about both Elanco and our industry as a whole.

It also helped me develop as a professional. Presenting in front of a large people pushed me to be little less shy and reserved and to step outside my comfort zone.

Working in the world of internal communications means you need to be open and get to know your colleagues – not least because a big part of the job is creating tools that are suited to their needs.

I’ve loved being in a constantly changing and challenging environment. It’s essential that you’re able to work in several projects at once, being rigorous and creative at the same time.

One thing that really helped me was how and appreciated how I – as an intern – was treated the same way as a full-time employee. It meant I was able to work on important projects and felt confident in proposing my own ideas. People will take time to listen to you, and this allows them to grow within the organisation.

My internship developed into my current role, in which I’m managing not only the internal communications for Elanco France, but stepping outside my comfort zone again to work on external communications projects. It’s hugely exciting.

To find out more about internship opportunities at Elanco, contact: emea_communications@elanco.com

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