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We all weigh up a range of factors when choosing a career path: culture, compensation and location to name just a few. A growing animal health industry is an increasingly compelling choice for some of the brightest candidates, writes human resources director Amy Rose.

The animal health industry often seems an obvious line of work for a trained veterinarian or an agricultural scientist. But what about a financial analyst or a marketer?

People from every walk of life and vocational background have found opportunities in animal health, and I believe the appeal of this vibrant sector is down to three key differentiators.

1.) It’s an industry that’s needed now more than ever

Animal health is a growing industry, with projected and sustained growth rates of up to seven per cent year on year. People who have specialised in animal science or agriculture have been able to use their skills in a broader context than the clinic or the farm.

And for those from other backgrounds, this expanding industry is creating opportunities and facing new challenges – not least in addressing the stark realities of the future. By August 2016, we had already used all the resources that should have sustained us for the full calendar year.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the animal health sector is how we feed a growing population but protect our increasingly scarce resources. Which brings me to our next differentiator ...

2.) It’s an industry with a cause at its heart

This is a line of work with purpose. Maintaining a safe supply of nutritious, affordable food is one of humanity’s great challenges as the global population continues to grow.

Animal health plays an essential role in not only improving the health of animals, but also that of people around the world, and the health our planet. What’s more, healthy production is essential to the livelihoods of the millions of people around the world who depend upon livestock.

3.) It’s an industry hungry for new talent and new perspectives

More than 50,000 full-time jobs in Europe depend upon the animal health industry[1], and there’s a huge demand for people who can help drive this crucial sector.

And these careers span every discipline – from the analysts who bring the latest global trends to bear on the business and the sales reps on the ground to the experts in research and development. 

And so, alongside a noble cause, there is a wealth of opportunity for anyone with the passion and energy for this ever-expanding industry.

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