It isn’t just athletes who have coaches
Coaching isn’t only the preserve of elite sportsmen and women, writes clinical development manager Daniela Cavalleri. It can help all of us strive towards greater satisfaction in our work.

I speak from personal experience when I say there’s nothing like finding a good coach to help you feel more fulfilled in your working life.

But there’s often some confusion around the term. For many, coaching is synonymous with teaching – an instructive way of helping you stretch yourself.

Yet in fact a coach isn’t there to teach you anything; instead, a good coach is a fantastic communicator who is prepared to listen to you without judgment or partiality.

Similarly, a good coach won’t throw solutions at you in a bid to solve your problems – they will give you the space and support to allow you to arrive at the answer for yourself.

t its best, coaching can be a transformational path, grounded in self-awareness, personal responsibility and action. It’s built around the individual, but businesses around the world have realised the broader benefits of coaching in the workplace.

After all, a big part of coaching is about challenging your status quo, which in turn can bring about a more dynamic and inventive business culture.

This isn’t to say coaching is always an easy process. It can be difficult to step outside of what might be a very structured day and think about the bigger picture.

A pressing deadline or a challenging target can conspire to undermine our thinking about our own personal growth and development.

Similarly, it can take a little courage to open up and talk through your ambitions and motivations to someone else. Again, this may not be something we’re used to in our everyday working lives.

But in my personal experience, the rewards are worth the effort. I was fortunate enough to find a fantastic coach at a very important point in my career. He was always open, welcoming and helped me make some important realisations about my work.

The time spent with my coach helped me understand what I love most about my job, and if I feel fulfilled in my career today I owe this in no small part to him.

Therefore, my advice to anyone is to find themselves a good coach. Take the time out of the day-to-day and take up this challenge – you could be about to find a whole new level of job satisfaction.

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