She is so Beautiful: Cow Appreciation Day
You may already know, but July 8 is Cow Appreciation Day. We took the opportunity to ask global marketing manager for dairy solutions Jan Arie Koorevaar to write a short piece in praise of this wonderful animal. Jan Arie grew up on a dairy farm in the Netherlands and his family has been in dairy farming since the 18th century. Increasing automation has meant he can now balance his time working on the farm with his day job at Elanco. A typical weekend sees him rising at 6am to begin work on the farm. “I suppose it does help you understand the challenges farmers face,” he says of his double life, adding that he wanted to celebrate the bond between dairy farmer and herd in his article. “It’s Cow Appreciation Day and I think the piece says it all.”

She is So Beautiful
By Jan Arie Koorevaar

Most dairy farmers are fond of their cows. They like to show them off, and I am not the only one talking about my cows in terms of ‘she’ or ‘my girls’. The way my girls look makes me as proud as a good milk production record.
You may not realise that not every dairy farmer has the same criteria for what constitutes a good-looking cow.
Some want them big, some balanced, some prefer udders, while others prefer perfect legs. It takes quite some patience to select the right bull for your girls.

It takes even more patience to wait two years before she gives her first calf and starts to produce milk. In fact, that is the moment that dairy farmers start to experience the fruits of the cow’s beauty. It’s because they are on my farm so long that I feel like they’re ‘my girls’.

What binds dairy farmers is the fact they all keep dairy cows to produce milk. They will take time and care with the right sire selection and look after the health of their treasured girls. A good milk production is a representation of a dairy’s cow beauty and the craftsmanship of the dairy farmer.

Those milk-producing cows are on their way to spreading their beauty by giving new, yet more beautiful calves, making dairy farmers even more proud.

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