Black Cat Appreciation Day – debunking the myths
Black cats are often overlooked, particularly when it comes to rehoming or adoption. Help us celebrate Black Cat Day by spotting them in the image above and read about the myths that have surrounded these cats for centuries.

People can be suspicious of black cats, believing them to be bad luck or in possession of magical powers. But it’s simply not true. On top of that, they are among the least adopted type of cat – research from charity Cat Protection1 revealed, on average, it takes 13 per cent longer for black cats to find a new home compared to others. This could be down to incorrect beliefs people have about black cats.

We dispel some of those myths:
Black cats are not bad luck

In fact, in Scotland, a black cat on your porch is believed to bring prosperity. While in 16th century Italy, people believed you would die from an illness if a black cat lay on your bed while you tried to recover.2

Black cats are neither good or bad luck, of course – just great companions.

Black cats are a witch’s best friend
Black cats have long been associated with witches, witchcraft and Halloween and this is likely where the ‘magical’ stereotype comes from. It was also believed they were evil because they roam at night and were servants of witches – but, of course, all cats roam at night!

Black cats might not have magical powers, but they can certainly hold a spell over their human owners.

Black cats aren’t boring – and they need adopting
Rehoming shelters can find it difficult to find new homes for black cats. This may be because owners are picking ‘prettier’ coloured cats or because of some of the superstitions above. It’s important all animals are cared for, including black cats. Show your appreciation for them and share our ‘find the black cat challenge’ with colleagues, friends and family – can you find all four cats hidden in the picture?


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