Easy treatments prevent a feline frenzy
Our pets deserve the best care, but they don’t always make it easy for us, writes business development manager Katy Marris

Madge, Keith, Flo, Izzy (all cats) – along with Ralph the rook and Toffee the rabbit – make up a big part of our household. They’re all part of my family and deserve the best care we can offer them.

But life can get in the way, and my fear of treating cats for fleas and worms doesn’t help; I couldn't bear the thought of pinning them down, and the subsequent three days of sulky behaviour.

Every month I needed to treat my pets, and I would go through this drama. They didn’t want the treatment, and I didn’t want stressed or miserable pets. But manufacturers have realised that the difficulties owners face have an impact on both the treatment of animals and the bond between pet and owner.

Fortunately, it’s been realised that treating cats is hard and so we now have tablets to make it easier.

It’s been said I am a ‘crazy cat lady’, but I’m secretly quite proud of this. My cats wait for me on the windowsill every day, they make me smile and laugh constantly, and they curl up with my children when they need comforting. They deserve the best, and so I want to minimise their stress around treatment time.

To do this, I need treatments that are easy to give to ensure I do it as regularly as I need to; not just for our benefit, but for those whose gardens Keith regularly frequents.

Let me set the scene for you. Recently, my latest rescue cat Keith brought in a baby rat for a starter (promptly removed and released), followed by a rabbit for the main course, and for dessert we were treated to a mouse.

Of course, all cats needed treating – not least because of their tendency to wander. So, with the help of a little cheese spread to disguise the tablets, I was able to give them the ecto and endoparasite treatment they required.

He wasn’t agitated in any way, other than being slightly annoyed that I’d put his planned meals back into the garden.

Thankfully, the days of using a greasy, messy, smelly spot-on flea and worm treatment are over. In 10 minutes the whole issue was resolved and Keith was back out in the garden, wondering what we would like next.

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