An Internship Experience in Animal Health
Internships an increasingly popular route into work for young people across the continent. Laura Steinmetz shares her experience of her apprenticeship with Elanco France.

I have always had a strong bond with animals – we always had pets at home, and I believe they can have a genuine impact on the health and wellbeing of their owners. And so an internship in animal health felt like a good way to explore my passion and develop my career.

During my degree in pharmacy from the University of Strasbourg, I felt like I wanted to move into the world of marketing, mostly because it seemed that each working day would be different from the last.

So I decided to do an extra year of studying for a master’s degree in health marketing. This gave me three days a week in the working world at Elanco to understand just how the veterinary industry works, and to take responsibility for a project of my own.

Although Elanco is a big organisation, it doesn’t always feel that way. Almost everybody knows each other in the team in France. We’re based in an office near Paris, which isn’t too far from my home city of Maisons-Laffitte.
I’ve really benefited from the way the organisation has treated me and the other interns like a genuine colleague. We are all actively involved in meetings, and we’re encouraged to give our points of view.
Everyone has been attentive to these ideas and propositions, which I’ve found really rewarding. I’ve also been lucky that one of the team members has mentored me during my time here. She’s taught me a lot and is always open-minded about my ideas (even the weirder ones).

It’s been really interesting to work on new communication tools or to see an entire campaign developed within the team. But my favourite work is on the digital services, and this is very much an area I’d like to pursue in the long term.
After these nine months, I can positively say my time here has helped me feel more confident in the future of my professional life.

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