Bringing One Health to life
We can all bring the One Health philosophy to life every day, writes Lina Policarpio, Head of Elanco’s Technical Services ASEAN and based out of the Philippines.

It has always been there, but our understanding of the human-animal bond has grown significantly over the last decade or so. We are more aware than ever that the health of one is intrinsically linked to that of the other.

This One Health concept is pivotal to our shared future; the human population is rising, and we need healthy animals more than ever.

Demand for protein from healthy animals is increasing with the population. At the same time, more people are embracing the companionship of pets, and all their associated improvements in physical, emotional and social well-being.

One Health is about recognising the deeply interconnected nature of these two populations and our shared environment. With six in every 10 of the infectious diseases that affect humans being spread by animals, it’s easy to see the significance of the concept.

We need continuous access to safe, affordable milk, meat and eggs from healthy animals. And the pets we love so much deserve to lead healthy lives, so they can better provide joy and companionship to people.

I was fortunate enough to share details of some of the One Health initiatives Elanco is involved in during the recent 2018 Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s an international conference that brings together experts from across the world to work through the most pressing global public health issues.

We discussed the importance of healthy, efficiently raised animals for healthy people and a healthy planet, and how antimicrobials are important tools to preserve the health and well-being of livestock animals.

Moreover, we reminded the audience that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that antibiotics continue to be efficacious by giving them a glimpse of our advocacy on antibiotic stewardship.

We, likewise, shared that science and policy are key to the solutions by taking a balanced approach to preserve animal health and welfare, while ensuring food safety and sustainability. The organisers singled out our thinking on the subject, which was very rewarding for me and the team – we couldn’t have imagined having the chance to collaborate and share ideas which such an amazing group of experts.

For me, it was a timely reminder that in each of our respective roles, we all have the ability to bring the One Health approach to life.

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