Elanco France runs against hunger
At Elanco, we believe food enriches life, and that a basic nutrious diet should be accessible to everyone. And so each year, thousands of kilometres of pavement are pounded to raise money for local food security causes, write Marc Henninger and Adeline Croy.

This summer, we marked the fifth year of “Les Foulées de la Faim” – a run against hunger staged in Ploërmel, Brittany by Elanco France. Each year, Elanco people and our customers run or walk as far as they’re able, with Elanco donating €1 for each kilometre travelled. The event has grown and grown; we had our best attendance this year, with 98 people running a fantastic 1219 km. We even set two records at a 33km run!

All the money raised – €4,461 at last count – goes to the Restaurants du Coeur in Ploërmel. Founded by French comic and actor Coluche, this network provides a lifeline to the needy in France. With about 8.5 million people living in poverty[1], food insecurity is a reality close to every day’s lives in France and across Europe.  

The Ploërmel office, like its counterparts across the country, is staffed by volunteers, who are in urgent need of loading equipment for their warehouse and refrigeration for the dairy they distribute.

It is no accident that dairy is a crucial part of the food products made available to people in need, especially to family with children:  dairy is an important part of a balanced diet. In fact, when diets are supplemented with milk, research has shown that learning and test scores improve[2].  So the quality of the food on offer can help a community move out of educational and financial poverty, as well as food poverty.

However, many households are without access to the key nutrients dairy can provide in a diet. In fact, global production still does not meet the recommended nutritional intake, which suggests we should drink two 8-oz glasses of milk a day.[3]

So we are genuinely proud to support a cause that does so much good for food security, a cause that’s close to our hearts and central to our company vision.

[2] Neumann, C.G. et al. “Meat Supplementation Improves Growth, Cognitive, and Behavioral Outcomes in Kenyan Children.” Journal of Nutrition, 2007. UN Standing Committee on Nutrition, 2009.

[3] Based on FAO, FAOSTAT Database

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