Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™

We all have different reasons why we enjoy our jobs. At Elanco, we’re unified in this approach. We live our ‘Whys’ every day as we work toward fulfilling our vision of food and companionship enriching life. And because of this collaborative effort, I’m excited to announce Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™, our new corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. This is an important initiative as it shows us how we can all live out our purpose.

Elanco’s Healthy Purpose works to advance the well-being of animals, people and the planet. The new platform is comprised of four inter-connected pillars: healthier animals, healthier people, healthier planet and healthier enterprise – all of which contribute to make us invested in making a difference to society. Our CSR platform drives us to operate with greater purpose by focusing on our two causes: food security and the human-animal bond.

CSR is a broad term for a company’s approach to addressing economic, environmental and social issues that impact business operations and the values of customers and employees. Now as an independent, public company it’s never been more essential to our business and long-term strategy. Through the Elanco’s Healthy Purpose program, we aim to mobilize not only our natural stakeholders like customers, employees and shareholders but also governmental bodies, NGOs and consumers that are in any way related or interested in what we do.

It’s important to note however, that purpose has always been at the forefront of Elanco’s operations through our company causes, partnerships and the One Health commitment we embraced while part of Eli Lilly. The creation of Elanco’s Healthy Purpose was not in response to societal trends to appear philanthropic – it’s something that is rooted deeply in our company culture.

A journalist once asked me, “why are you, as an animal health company, talking about food security? That’s too much of a stretch from your actual business.” Surprisingly enough, it’s not a stretch at all. We know that animals have the ability to make direct impact on issues surrounding food security, global healthcare and environmental sustainability. That impact is our “why” and is part of the driving force behind Elanco’s Healthy Purpose.

I feel privileged to be involved in this moment in Elanco’s history – it’s my personal “why” to help demonstrate how we as an industry can make a difference. As Elanco continues to navigate striking the balance between solving business and societal challenges, I’m excited to help steer these efforts with a global perspective. Elanco’s Healthy Purpose is only the beginning of the great impact to come! Look for more updates on www.elanco.com/

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