Sustainability on our minds
For people in almost every walk of life, and in every kind of business, the term ‘sustainability’ has become one of a key watchword.

And rightly so; with increased environmental awareness and positive moves from Governments across the globe to reduce our collective demand on the world’s resources, a sustainable approach to business is fast becoming a given.  
Since working for Elanco, I’ve been struck by how sustainability is perceived as a very real responsibility by its people. And an important part of my role is in defining what we can do as an organisation to ensure we’re meeting this responsibility.
I get a genuine buzz from working towards providing safe, affordable food that uses our natural resources as efficiently as possible. At Elanco, our approach to sustainability focuses on three key areas: environmental responsibility, economic viability and social accountability.

In the broader European context, sustainability needs to be at the core of our economic development. A recent report published by the European Political Strategy Centre makes the compelling case that – now the EU has achieved peace amongst its nations – it must now secure peace with nature.

It’s a poetic way to frame a challenge we in the animal health sector must help address. This year we partnered with EU40, a network of young Members of the European Parliament to create a platform that would bring together some of the key players in finding ways to ensure sustainable livestock production in Europe.

Following a first debate in Brussels in April, we now have a second, scheduled for September 28. The assembled policymakers, scientists and representatives from the food and animal health sectors will be discussing the economics of sustainability.
This to me is one of the most important aspects of sustainability. We all want more environmentally-friendly food, of course. But how can we achieve this in a way that maintains the livelihoods of our producers while still ensuring high quality protein is affordable to people across the continent?

Sustainability is about our future, but we must act on it now. So please do join us in September, or follow and join the debate live on twitter (#SLEU) to keep this important issue at the front of Europe’s mind.

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