Our year ahead
As we approach the end of a transformative year, the animal health industry can provide purpose for the next, argues Elanco Operations Lead for Europe, Middle East and Africa Ramiro Cabral.

We’re often told the one constant we can expect is change, but the last year has surely been an exceptional one in this regard. There has been enormous political upheaval, and on a global scale. It’s an uncertain time, for leaders across Europe, for nations and their people, but also for the livestock producers we all depend on, many of whom have already faced years of pressure in their respective sectors.

We in the animal health community have a crucial role to play in providing clarity and stability as we look to the year ahead. What do I mean when I say we must provide clarity? We must ensure our objectives are clear and are not lost in the noise of shifting legislation and boundaries.

We can also be a unifying voice across sectors; despite a great deal of change elsewhere, our ultimate goal to continue to improve animal health remains the same. Inextricably bound up with animal health is the crucial issue of sustainable livestock production in Europe. This must remain a priority, as we continually look for concrete policy measures to support farmers in their crucial role of feeding our populations.

What do I mean when I say we must provide stability? In 2017 we will continue to strive for better, smarter ways to support veterinarians and producers in protecting the health of their animals – and by extension their livelihoods – in potentially difficult times.  

This isn’t just about medicines – it’s about giving producers the tools, the information and the knowledge. It’s about new approaches to old problems, investing in the animal health sector, and innovating as an industry. This same approach applies to our work in companion animals, where we will continue to help owners provide the healthiest, happiest lives possible for their pets.

This year, we celebrated the huge benefits of pet ownership with a photo competition, which saw people from across the continent share a wonderful range of images capturing the essence of this special relationship. I am confident we will bring our clarity of purpose to our work in what promises to be another year of great change.

During my career in animal medicine, I have seen many shifts and upheavals, but the protection of the health of animals, and that of the many people who depend upon them, has remained. 

This constant has allowed me to focus during times of change. And it’s this same focus, shared across our business, that will drive Elanco to continue investing and innovating in 2017.

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