Looking Beyond our Walls
Any large organisation is its own ecosystem, with a powerful culture and values. But stepping outside from time-to-time can be of great benefit, argues head of Operations for Elanco in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ramiro Cabral.

How many times have you seen a problem solved with a ‘second set of eyes’?

This new perspective might not be any more experienced or knowledgeable – it succeeds simply because it’s new; an invigorating, fresh approach when everyone else is beginning to tire.

I’ve seen this happen countless times over the years and it informs the way I work on projects and programs with my colleagues.
The best examples for me are when our teams partner with our customer teams to jointly solve issues. Or when we’ve brought together people from different disciplines and backgrounds as Elanco has grown and acquired other companies.  

I believe this same concept extends beyond our walls to the way we work with other institutions and organisations. After all, no single company or group can expect to have all the answers, whatever their sector or sphere (I have written before about the importance of collaboration).
In our industry, where the health of animals, our food chain and our environment is at stake, we all have a responsibility to collaborate with others to solve our shared problems.

Antimicrobial resistance is perhaps the most compelling example of this. The human and animal health spheres must operate together in a ‘one health’ approach to ensure we address the health and welfare of animals today and preserve essential antibiotics for tomorrow.
To this end, we hosted a One Health Antibiotic Stewardship summit in Washington DC last year that brought together the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health, food company leaders and the producers we depend upon to build a dialogue on tackling this challenge.

Elsewhere, we’ve been able to move the conversation on sustainable livestock production forward by partnering with the EU40 group – a network of young MEPs – to stage a series of productive debates on the subject.

This kind of collaborative initiative requires time and resource, but this is absolutely necessary if we are to benefit from listening to a diverse range of voices.

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