A new year for Elanco
As we prepare for 2019, Elanco’s Executive Vice President of International Business, Ramiro Cabral reflects on a year of big change at Elanco.

Change often represents great opportunity for a business like ours. Our recent separation from Eli Lilly and subsequent public offer has been a major shift for our 5,800 people across the globe.

It’s a shift that allows every one of us more self-determination and a very literal stake in the business we care about. We are all owners of our business and our future.

We are now more focused than ever on improving the lives of animals and the people who depend upon them.

Although there have been some changes, I’ve been struck by some of the constants at the core of what we do. We may be new to the stock exchange, but this ‘65-year-old start-up’ has long been trusted by livestock and veterinary professionals as a business of genuine substance.

We’ll continue to build on this success by focusing on the same guiding principles: making animal-derived food (meat, milk, eggs) more accessible to people around the world, helping pets live better for longer and enriching that deep bond between people and pets.

How we do this may change; not least because we’ll continue to rigorously innovate to benefit our customers and improve the health of animals across the world. But our people will continue to own this mission, as they always have done.

Now, as we’re well into our new year, we also have a very tangible stake in the future of our business. Greater ownership is breathing new life into the business, making us more determined than ever to provide our customers with a service unparalleled in our sector. And we all have the opportunity to put our mission into practice in our own roles, in our own way.

I wish all our people and supporters a happy and fulfilling 2019.

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